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If the thought of sitting in another sterile, windowless hotel conference room drinking room temperature water out of those plastic pitchers just for a few measly CEU credits makes you cringe — you’re in the right place.


This is exactly where our heads were when the idea for Whole Soul Retreats was born.


We were sick and tired of lifeless CEU workshops that felt way too much like those long grad school lectures fueled by ramen noodles and instant coffee. (You remember those, right?)


Go grab your freshly made breakfast by the chef in the kitchen and meet us for some soul filling discussion. 


Let us pour you a mimosa.

Top off your coffee.

Get cozy. 

We’re going deep.


We love our careers as CRNAs — but we were drowning.

Exhausted at the end of the day — but longing for connection and community.

Energized by our work — but drained by its demands.


Loving being with our families — but desperately needing longer fuses with our kids and more margin for true connection with our partners.


We needed a space to prioritize rest, connection, and wellbeing. And we needed those CEUs too.

Out of that place — Whole Soul Retreats was born.


Our vision at Whole Soul Retreats is simple:


To be the life-changing professional retreat female CRNAs brag about, filled with groundbreaking education; life-giving connection; and once in a lifetime experiences. 


Because of that, we work to consistently provide high-end, professionally sound, and personally executed luxury getaways for CRNA women.

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