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We’re we’ll stay: Enjoy a 3 night + 4 stay in a 9,500 square foot, eleven-bedroom villa spanning over 1.4 acres. It is the perfect luxury getaway for those wanting to relax and rejuvenate with breathtaking views of the marina. Bring a friend and share a room, or reserve a private suite.


What we’ll learn: Included in your purchase are 22 pre-approved Class A CEU’s. Our curriculum is tailored to you-the professional, hard-working woman who wears 100 hats leaving little time to herself. We center our modules around personal and professional development, with take-home lessons that fill your cup and nourish your mind and soul. 


What we’ll eat: Based in Savannah, Georgia, Chef Caitlin will be with us for the entirety of our stay-serving you up whole, healthy meals that are to die for, but don’t leave you feeling bloated and sleepy. Caitlin specializes in serving up gluten-free, dairy-free meals that are simply to die for-check out or testimonials (link to testimonial page) if you don’t believe us!


What we’ll drink: enjoy fresh-squeezed  juices made daily, infused waters available to you 24/7, a coffee and tea bar to get you started in the morning. Clean crafted wine and alcohol are also included, and Chef Caitlin has a special gift of making the most to-die-for cocktails. 


Play: Our Hamptons retreat has something for everyone. Enjoy time on the water in a private catamaran. Relax and enjoy a glass of wine at some of the most scenic wineries New York has to offer. Head into town and get some shopping done downtown with a complete guide to tackling the best shopping at the cutest boutiques. Our itineraries aren’t one-size-fits-all, and we make sure that whatever “vacation” means to you-is the experience we give you. 


Relax: When was the last time you drank your coffee in peace, and had some uninterrupted “you time”? We believe that filling your cup is vital. Enjoy morning meditation on your own (we’ll help guide you), fresh coffee, and yoga on the beach taught by Lindsey Lane, CRNA,, each morning. Cap it off with a freshly made breakfast in your comfies, and make it poolside.


It’s all-inclusive: That’s right. From the moment you arrive at the villa, you will never pull out your credit card. We want you to come to relax and be pampered. We know you wear so many hats at home. It’s time to flip the switch. Unplug, put your feet up, and we’ll take care of the rest. From dinner reservations to spa appointments, your weekend is planned to the minute. It’s our promise to you that you will never lift a finger.

The Hamptons, New York

  • Join us on an unforgettable 3 night, 4 day all-inclusive retreat with your tribe to relax, learn, eat, and laugh!

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