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Welcome! To our first ever, Caribbean retreat! Hosted by Whole Soul founders, Tiffany + Lindsey. Villa del Mar is all about space, freedom and barefoot living. Situated on the pristine beach of Playa Coson, join us for a relaxing retreat infused with a bit of adventure. The vibe is casual but the experience is extraordinary. This itinerary is our best yet. ​We’ve reserved a 20,000 square foot villa with panoramic views of the Caribbean to allow you to truly unplug and be present in paradise. Do everything, do nothing, do whatever fills your cup. We have it all here.

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Join us on our first international retreat!

You had me at Caribbean, can we just swoon for a minute? 

WELCOME to your private all-inclusive seaside resort...

 We will be staying at Villa del Mar and it is all about space, freedom and barefoot living. These three core beliefs are what give this incredible beachfront villa the magical feeling of your own slice of tropical paradise. Villa del Mar and luxury meet at pristine Playa Coson, Las Terrenas. Where the vibe is casual yet the service we provide is extraordinary. Experience the incomparable privacy of a 20,000 sq ft Caribbean villa graced with waving palm trees, white sands and warm blue waters lapping on a near-deserted beach. Here you can do everything or nothing. From playing in waves to learning education under the palm trees, to sipping a cocktail poolside, how you want to spend your days is entirely up to you. From the moment your plane lands, we've taken care of it all! Everything from airport transportation to ocean front massages are included in your stay with us!


Aerial Image of Villa Del Mar property in the Dominican Republic

Unmatched luxury.

Our retreats are "don't lift a finger" kind of getaways that women dream about, and honestly, desperately need. The only thing you need to do is book your flight. We’re talking luxury villas, five-star chefs, and five-star content.

Uninterrupted reflection.

All of our getaways prioritize time for you to focus on the woman who matters most: you. We give you space to quiet the noise and the clutter of your “real world” and to recenter your soul. Enjoy daily yoga led by fellow CRNA's in Forsyth Park right under the spanish moss covered trees. Is there a dreamier place to practice ‘savasana?!’

Baroque Staircase in the Dominican Republic

Unforced connection.

As women, we are uniquely wired for community. As CRNAs, we are uniquely wired for excellence. We believe that our drive to be excellent is enhanced when we make space in our life to connect with other like-minded women.

Unparalleled education.

We’ve made it our mission to create a world where female CRNAs no longer fall prey to professional exhaustion and personal burnout. Not only do we equip you with the knowledge needed to excel in your career — we empower you with tools and practices to thrive in your personal life too. Our CEU’s put emphasis on not only professional development, but personal development. We believe that when you invest in yourself, your work life becomes less daunting-so we created this getaway for you. Relax. Unplug from it all. Spend some time on you, for you.

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